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AsRock Z87 Pro4 + Samsung Evo 840 + Windows 10: Random Crashes

Juli 13th, 2017
After updating from Windows 7 to 10, the computer randomly hung after 5 to 10 minutes. Numlock on the keyboard still reacted, but the mouse froze and Ctrl-Alt-Del didn't do anything. Rebooting was only possible by cold reset. Running hwinfo reproducably… mehr »

Insight: QR Code Scanning for Event Invitations with Android

Juli 3rd, 2017
A customer requested a web application which allows to scan QR codes on invitations. It should run on mobile phones. The validity check is performed within a Navision system via a SOAP webservice. The most important requirement was a high-performant int… mehr »

Sonata: Fill, save, and update multiple-entry field

Juli 2nd, 2017
I have an application which contains shipments and orderings. One shipment can have 0..N orderings. One ordering has maximum one shipment. The interface looks as follows: mehr »

MySQL dying and not restarting on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS

Juni 28th, 2017
I loaded an SQL dump via a web interface. It timed out. Afterwards the database server responded for any requested database 'SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away'. The MySQL process was still there though. Problem 1: AppAr… mehr »

Fahrradfahren: Autos auf Abstand halten

Juni 19th, 2017
Wenn es keinen Fahrradweg gibt, muss man auf der Straße fahren. Viele Autofahrer sehen sich leider genötigt, auch auf engen Fahrbahnen mit hoher Geschwindigkeit und gefährlich wenig Abstand zu überholen. Sorry, mein Fehler: Ich bin nämlich bisher aus Rü… mehr »